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Originally known as DedHed Accessories, we began in late 2011. It came about through frustration as I could never really find anything I was entirely happy with. I always wanted something different, something a little crazier, something.... unique.

I started to teach myself how to make bows, at first they were very basic, and made of ribbon, but they were bows all the same. Once I started getting more confident and making more interesting designs, friends asked me to make Bows for them. Then through natural progression, more and more people wanted them, It then occurred to me that there was definitely a market for my products.

Not long after, I had my first stockists (Two-Bit Villains) and was consistently attending markets. Since then I have been blessed with meeting a whole heap of fantastic people, and developing quite the following through my facebook page.

In May of 2013 we went on to launch our clothing range featuring original artworks by my partner, Kyle. 

Kyle has now also started creating Artworks available for purchase.


We are slowly growing, a few steps at a time. But look forward to what the future brings.


Thanks for visiting the site! 

- Erin -  The RedHed DedHed

South Australia

Erin & Jaice Hard at it in the DedHed HQ's!

Erin & Jaice Hard at it in the DedHed HQ's!

DedHed at East End Markets

DedHed at East End Markets

"Jack'd up Rabbit" - by Mr DedHed

"Jack'd up Rabbit" - by Mr DedHed