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So, here we are! A big hello & a big welcome! *waves*  

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to come an have a nosey at the site. 

First of all I must thank my partner Kyle for getting this all up and ready for me.  I'd love to be able take the credit for this site, but I honestly can't.  I can make the products, I can take photos of the wares, but when it comes to the technical side of it all, well, I just hand it all to him.  So thank you sweetheart.

The aim for this webpage is to share with you at your own leisure what DedHed is about. What we do, and soon, you will even be able to shop from this site too!

This page will also be linked in with Instagram and Facebook, so there will be many ways to keep up to date with us!  I will blog here about things that is happening with DedHed.

So, a very big warm welcome - thank you again for supporting us as we take on this new adventure, and we look forward to taking you with us! 

Erin (The RedHed DedHed) & Kyle (The GreyHed DedHed)


Kyle Stevens

I love Stickers, I really do, and I love having my art available in sticker form. I've just listed a whole heap of them over in our Etsy shop. You can get there by either going directly to our shop up in the top menu, or heading to the Sticker section and picking which one you like. I also Sell these at markets I attend.


Hoping still to get a lot more up and going, but with all things, its at a cost. So the more I sell, the quicker the range will grow.

Thanks for checking it out.